Acacia Aveda Salon Spa is an excusive Aveda Salon with location in Binghamton and Vestal, NY 607-785-1000

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Acacia SalonSpa Products

Acacia Aveda SalonSpa boasts a LONG listing of Aveda Hair Care products ranging from simple Pure Plant shampoos (like clove, madder root, camomile, and malva)to an enchanting Witch Hazel hair spray that not only holds the hair in place, but adds an exotic but "natural" fragrance to the hair.

Aveda's all-sensitive Skin care line uses a wonderful coconut base to both hydrate AND clean the skin. All of our skin care products rinse clean and leaves no sticky residues on the skin.Our toners all include water based ingredients that hold water into the skin.

From cheek color that's DRENCHED in vitamins A, E and C to help the cheeks replenish themselves with their own natural color, to one of the few eye shadows that don't contain mineral oil ... Aveda's colors are simple and natural. Though we offer many extravagant colors, all of our colors go on so light that you can build a single color from a sheer hue to a deep rich color.

All of Aveda's lipsticks are made from a natural, petrochemical-free base of rose wax and beeswax. We also offer the rest of the usual makeup fare ... foundations, powders, concealers, and a fabulous line of brushes.

Aveda Acacia SalonSpa carries a WIDE variety of perfumes with fragrances ranging from primrose, rose oils, genet, jasmine, and hundreds of other exotic scents found all over the world. All of our scents are light and simple, each with their own aromatherapy benefits.

For the home, we offer amazing diffuser oils, aroma mists, and potpourris in fragrances such as spice, rose and lavendar. Other scents include ylang ylang and vanilla, peppermint and clove and a touch of citrus.

Aveda connects their mission with their product development by sourcing ingredients from traditional communities around the world.